Suggested strategy

Each lesson consists of scenes with clips, exercises and a glossary.

Here is a suggested strategy for how to proceed through the lessons:

  • Read the introduction to get a sense of the action. Imagine yourself in a similar situation. Think about what you would say.
  • Now go to the Glossary section. Review the vocabulary. Listen to the associated sound files.
  • Now go back to the clip. You might try playing it first with the sound turned off, and then with the sound turned on.
  • Replay the clip as many times as you like. The audio clips below the video clip may help you comprehend the scene. You can drag the sliders to any point in the scene.
  • Consult the Glossary again. Take notes about what is being said in the scene. Your notes will help you when you do the exercises.
  • When you feel ready, go to the Exercise section and complete either the English or the Turkish Comprehension Exercises.
  • The General Lesson Exercises are related to each lesson as a whole. Do the Comprehension Exercises for each scene first. Then try the General Lesson Exercises.

Navigation and media controls

The Lesson Buttons take you through all the lessons. Lessons are made up of one or more scenes with Glossaries and Exercises linked to each scene.

You can go from scene to scene by using the Scene Buttons. The Clip, Exercise and Glossary buttons are all related to the scene you are displaying.

Further help

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