Turkish Tutor is a product of the Center for Near Eastern Studies and the International Institute at UCLA. It was developed with a grant awarded by the International Research and Studies Program of the US Department of Education.

Project Manager: Jonathan Friedlander (original), Kaya Mentesoglu (current)
Design and Production: Rahul Bhushan (original), Maxine Tsang & Kaya Mentesoğlu (current)
Content and Pedagogy: Güliz Kuruoğlu
Editing: Diane James (original), Imge Akcakaya (current)

Special thanks To Umur Bugay for generously allowing the use of Bizimkiler archived material.

Introduction music track from 'Ud ile anılar,' instrumental oud music by Ergin Kızılay on the GöKSOY record label.

Turkish Tutor was developed on Mac OSX with Photoshop, GoLive, Flash, QuickTime and other software programs. Thanks to the developers of HotPotatoes for a great tool with free educational licensing.

In 2015, Turkish Tutor has been rewritten using .NET technologies by the UCLA International Institute Information Services and Technology (IST) Group.

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