Lesson 5 of 12

kesme bardak: cut crystal

iki: two

kırılmak: to be broken

ablacığım: my dear [older] sister (young women in Turkey may address older women friends this way)

yerine koymak: to replace (lit., to put in its place)

aman: alas, good heavens, for goodness sake!

(başa gelecek olan) mala gelsin: may (whatever was going to happen to someone) happen to a possession; may the disaster befall a possession rather than a person

can sağlığı olsun: may you be healthy! (another expression emphasizing that health is more important than possessions)

öyle: so, such, that is so, that is such (here

sıkıntılı: distressed

kaç gündür: for many days

bozulmak: to deteriorate, to go bad

sorma: (here

kolay: easy

kapatmak: to close

diye: saying, they say, they intend (gerund of demek; in this context diye expresses intention)

duymak: to hear

yok canım: it is not so, no, it can't be!

söylemek: to say, to tell

galiba: probably, presumably

felâket habercisi gibi: like a messenger of disaster

durmak: to stay, to stop

birisinin elinden çekmek: to suffer at someone's hands

hakim: judge

hatırı olmak: to be of account, to be considered

dakika: minute

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