Lesson 6 of 12

sipariş: order, thing or things ordered to be purchased

abi (ağabey): older brother (older men may be called ‘ağabey’ [abi] by younger people)

liste: list

hazır: ready

hayatım: my dear, my darling (lit., my life)

yok: there isn't, does not exist

kalıp: piece, chunk (of something)

beyaz peynir: feta cheese, white cheese

kangal: coil, loop (of sausages)

sucuk: a kind of Turkish sausage

büyük: big, old

rakı: raki (a popular anise-flavored Turkish alcoholic drink, similar to ouzo)

içmek: to drink

unutmak: to forget

mahcup olmak: to be ashamed

kıymetli: esteemed, precious

misafir: guest, visitor

yaşa: bravo, well done, hurray, hurrah, thanks a lot, thanks a million

yağlı: fatty, greasy, oily, buttery

sert: firm, hard, tough

kuru: dry, dried

kıvamında: of just the right consistency

haydi bakalım: come on then, hurry up

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