Lesson 8 of 12

oğlum: my son, my dear son

sabahlamak: to stay up until morning

saat kaç?: what time is it?

-(y)A gelmek: approaching, almost

kalkmak: to get up

lâzım: necessary, have to

yatmak: to go to bed

perişan: tired and miserable, wretched, distraught, disheveled

bugün: today

okul: school

vallahi: I swear it's true, I swear to God

anne: mother

fen: science

çalışmak: to work, to study

n'apim? [ne yapayım?]: what can I do?

eksik: lacking, incomplete, missing, things incomplete

son: last, end

hafta: week

olmaz: no, impossible, it is not possible

herkes: everybody, everyone

öyle yapmak: to do like that

gezmek: to walk, to stroll around, to wander around

kafan boşalsın: clear your mind (lit., empty your head)

birinci: first

ikinci: second

sınav: examination, exam, test

puan: score, point

ortalama: average

etkilemek: influence

uyuyup kalmak: to fall asleep for a long time and realize it later

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