Lesson 9 of 12

n'aber (ne haber): what's up

sormak: to ask, to ask for

her sabah: every morning

bu sabah: this morning

aramak: (here

hayırlı: good, useful, beneficial, faithful

hayırsız: unfaithful, good for nothing, useless

hayırlı evlât: dutiful son or daughter

çekiştirmek: to criticize maliciously, to backbite

Allah kavuştursun: may God reunite you (said to those who remain behind when another has left for a trip)

turneye çıkmak: (for a theatrical company) to go on tour

bakalım: let's see, well now, oh!

başarmak: to succeed (in), to accomplish, to bring to a successful conclusion

aklım onlarda: I think (and worry) about them constantly

kazasız belâsız dönmek: to return (home) safe and sound

yavaş: slow, quiet, soft

duymak: to hear

zaten: anyway, anyhow, at any rate, in any case

bilmek: to know

pimpirikli: paranoid, anxious, on pins and needles (colloquial speech)

özlemek: to miss, to long for, to yearn

deyip durmak: to say (something) all the time, continuously

vermek: to give

konuşmak: to talk, to speak, to converse, to chat

istersen: if you want

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