Lesson 9 of 12

başka: other, another, different

iş: work, job, duty, occupation

yok: there isn't, it doesn't exist, absent, doesn't have

tenis: tennis

biraz sonra: a little later

götürmek: to take (along), to take away, to carry, to convey

söylemek: to say (something), to utter (something)

şirket: company, firm, corporation

gelmek: to come

gitmek: to go

işine gelmek: to suit one's interests, to be in accordance with one's plans

yapmak: to do (something), to busy oneself with

hafta: week

kalmak: to remain, to be left

ikisi: two of them, both of them

başarı dilemek: to wish (someone) success

birşey: something

karşıma geçmiş: (sitting) facing me, (sitting) opposite me

yeter: enough

bitmek: to finish

öpmek: to kiss

işte: here, here it is, see, look!

bu kadar: this much, that's it

başka işi yok: s/he doesn't have anything better to do

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