Lesson 10 of 12

nerede (nerde): where

hayrola: what's the matter?

ishal: diarrhea

devam etmek: to continue, to keep on

maalesef: unfortunately, I am sorry to say

ateş: fire; (here

ateşi yükselmek: to have one's fever [temperature] go up

abuk sabuk konuşmak: to talk nonsense

eyvah!: alas! ah me!

doktor: doctor

çağırmak: to call, to invite, to summon

lâzım: necessary, needed, required

kadıncağız: poor woman

hal: state, condition

tanımak: to know, to be acquainted with, to know well

yanlış: wrong, incorrect, erroneous

tedavi: medical treatment, cure

tedavi uygulamak: to apply a treatment, to treat

birkaç: a few, some, several

saat: hour

sonra: after, later, afterwards, then

göstermek: to show, to demonstrate

beklemek: to wait

anneciğim: my dear mother

ateş gibi: like fire

yanmak: to burn

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