Lesson 12 of 12

iyi akşamlar: good evening

yardım etmek: to help

müdür: director, manager, head, chief

affedersin: I beg your pardon, excuse me

buyur: please, help yourself

babam: my father (here

koluma gir: take my arm

telâşlanma: don't get agitated

işte: here it is, here, see, look

tıngır mıngır: slowly, with a clanging sound

Allah sana uzun ömür versin: may God give you long life

sabah: morning

gelir gelmez: as soon as (you) come

aramak: to look for, to search, (here

numara: number

unutmak: to forget

not almak: taking notes

önemli: important

çıktıktan sonra: after (one) leaves

doğru: straight

ev: home, house

tamam: all right

bir saate kadar: in (up to) one hour

herhalde: in all probability, in any case

sabah: morning

çek: check

para: money

lâzım olmak: to be necessary, to be needed, to be required

ev hanesi: members of the household

selâm: hello, greetings, salute

bilmukabele: and the same to you

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