Lesson 12 of 12

başarılar: be successful, good luck

otobüs: bus

şoför: driver

konuşmak: to talk, to chat, to speak

hızlı: fast

aman: oh!, please, for goodness sake

dikkat: be careful, look out, attention

hayat: life

farklı: different

ilk defa: first time

olsun: that's okay

bu sefer: this time

tiyatrocu: actor, actress

demek istemek: to want to say

unutmak: to forget

inşallah: God willing, I hope so, I hope that...

herşey: everything

almak: to take, to get, to buy

yola çıkmak: to set off (on a journey)

durmak: to stop, to last (here

lâzım olmak: to be necessary, to be needed

rezalet: disgrace, scandal, outrage, crying shame

artık: now, finally, from now on

vallahi: I swear it is true

para kazanmak: to earn money

vermek: to give

borç: loan, debt

patroniçe: female boss

tamam: OK, all right, very well

yazmak: to write

hoşçakal: bye, take it easy (said by the one who is leaving)

yavaş: slow

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