Lesson 12 of 12

taksi: taxi

durmak: to stop

konyak: cognac, brandy

zıkkım içesice: may he drink poison (a curse)

aman: oh!, mercy!, help!, please!, for goodness sake!

hürmetler (hörmetler): (my) respects, (my) regards

hadi (haydi) bakalım: come on then, hurry up, good for you

öpmek: to kiss

iyi yolculuklar: have a nice trip, bon voyage

hayırsız: good for nothing, useless

koymak: to put, to place

bagaj: luggage, baggage (here

hemen: immediately, at once, right away

amca: uncle

memnun: happy, pleased, delighted

yolculuk: voyage, trip, journey

teyze: aunt, mother's sister (also

sevgili: sweetheart, darling, beloved

özlemek: to miss, to long to see, to long for

bir daha: once more, one more time

görmek: to see

istemek: to want, to desire, to wish

yine: again

görmeden gitmem: I won't go without seeing (her/him)

uçak: airplane

kaçırmak: (here

beş dakika: five minutes

binmek: to get in, to get up on, to board, to mount

atlamak: (here

hoşçakal: bye, good-bye, take it easy (said by the one who is leaving)

güle güle: good-bye (said by the one who is staying behind to the one who is leaving)

derdi zoru içki: (his/her) obsession is liquor, all (s/he) thinks of is booze

ayyaş: alcoholic, drunkard

diyapozom: metronome

evlâdım: my child!, my son!, my daughter!

sevgilim mevgilim: darling shmarling

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